Our services

We are exclusively dedicated to litigation. You can instruct us for a variety of services aimed at managing and solving your business dispute. You can expect from us more than taking care of the litigation. Other services we offer include, the following.

Data research

Your business might hold crucial evidence of which you are not aware. One email lost in thousands could make your case. We offer you automated data research to ensure you have all pieces of the puzzle available.

Witness familiarisation

Your employees who will be heard as a witness in court or before an arbitral tribunal need to know what they can expect. Our witness familiarisation programme offers them a comprehensive training on the basis of a fictional case, unrelated to the facts of the real case, and video material of do’s and don’ts for a witness. We ensure that your witnesses have the confidence they need and are aware of typical pitfalls.

Managing your litigation abroad

Managing multi-jurisdictional disputes or complex matters abroad is a challenging task. You need to know which law firm to pick, to ensure that a coherent strategy is deployed, that different lawyers or law firms share information and work as a team, and you need to be in control of the costs. We can manage these aspects for you to ensure an effective and efficient litigation.

Third party services

Litigation often requires the services of third parties. Whether you are looking for expert witnesses, asset tracing services or a third party financing your litigation, we can bring you in touch with the right parties to help you.